Harper’s Top 8 Party Season Essentials

The Winter months are a happy time for Harper. It’s the perfect opportunity for layering neutrals under a slick scandi coat, or for throwing oversized camel scarves on top of subdued black outfits. It’s a time when a lot of christmas maximising (maximum presents, maximum knitwear, maximum turkey - the list goes on) needs to... Continue Reading →


Blake’s Top 8 Party Season Essentials

The Christmas season has arrived, heralding that yearly moment when fashion branches off in two completely opposite directions. On the one hand, it is a time to rejoice: and not only because it’s the time of year when you can sleep in until noon and eat Christmas pudding for breakfast, but also because it’s perfectly... Continue Reading →

Tights Trend Take-over

This is the season of the stylish tights. No longer are they an unwanted but required accessory: this fall they are a focal point of an outfit. Top designers dress their catwalk in creatively covered legs.   Givenchy - Fall 2017 - Vogue Every trend within ready-to-wear also has a matching pair of tights in... Continue Reading →

Harper & Blake Go Mustard

Winter is approaching fast. But this doesn’t have to mean you can only wear monotone. Give that all black combination a twist. The day may be gloomy, but you will be shining like the star you are.   The main two colours for this season are set to be red (check our post about this... Continue Reading →

Slogan Season

As the winter months descend upon us many require that extra bit of motivation. Fashion understands the difficulties of getting up and going home in the dark, exercising in the cold and doing that dreaded Christmas shopping. Many brands have addressed this by creating designs incorporating encouraging slogans. Jason Wu has been at the forefront... Continue Reading →

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