Harper & Blake have noticed key accessory trends that are everywhere in 2017

Harper & Blake have noticed that, now more than ever, street style bloggers are opting for simple minimalist outfits and adding one (or two) statement pieces to complete the look! Accessories,including chunky overstated jewellery and chokers, were also a key feature of many designers’ 2017 shows!

Accessories which definitely feature in many of our favourite looks are bandannas and scarves. These are an easy addition to any outfit, which can be tied around your neck, onto a bag or on your head. This can add colour and style to your look!

Harper & Blake know that many of you never leave the house without sunglasses! But due to the stylish addition these make to an outfit, and burst of colour if you opt for a coloured lense, we know that this isn’t just for eye protection.

We love the way a bold accessory can become the main focus of an outfit! By matching shoes and a handbag by print or with a block colour you can make a simple monochrome outfit bright and unique.

Our favourite individual accessory has to be the jewellery body harness! While this is a harder trend to try with your every day looks, we love the simplicity of the chains and how this can make any outfit extremely stylish and different.

Here are our favourite street style looks and we hope these ideas will inspire the way you style your accessories!

PHOTO: Pinterest
PHOTO: lookofnow
PHOTO: Pinterest
PHOTO: Bloglovin
PHOTO: Style Bistro
PHOTO: Fashion Gum



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