Harper & Blake reveal how to style the newest big trend- colour clashing

One major trend which was revealed during the Spring/ Summer 2017 Runway shows was colour clashing! Designers including Balenciaga, Givency and even Topshop Unique showed that the way to add colour to your outfit is to clash them! This trend is also loved by celebrities including Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba and has quickly become popular among fashion bloggers.

While this trend may be huge in 2017, here at Harper & Blake we understand that this is a bold statement which many of you will be uncomfortable to try in your every day looks. This is why we have decided to make it easier for you and have found all the best and stylish ways to wear this trend.

Firstly, a way to introduce colour clashing is through accessories! For example, opt for clashing shoes and bags or even try the look through a bright coloured coat.

An easy way to try this look is definitely through block colours, rather than prints! This also creates a more successful colour-clash look!

For a slightly bolder look, clash your top with your skirt or trousers! Style bloggers have then chosen to match their accessories to one of these colours or for a quirkier look have used them as a way to introduce a third colour!

Colour combinations can either be similar in tone or opposite colours on the colour wheel. We have noticed popular matches include pink and orange and green and blue, but also the brighter choices of yellow and purple and orange and blue! If you are opting for 3 colours in your outfit, go for a bit of both and choose two similar colours and one completely different. We have noticed that pink, red and green are a popular combination for a 3 colour outfit!

We hope you love you love this quirky new trend as much as us and we have inspired you to try it in your outfits!

PHOTO: Glam Radar
PHOTO: Style Caster
PHOTO: Retro Sonja
PHOTO: Plenty of Colour
PHOTO: Daily Mail



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