Slogan Season

As the winter months descend upon us many require that extra bit of motivation. Fashion understands the difficulties of getting up and going home in the dark, exercising in the cold and doing that dreaded Christmas shopping. Many brands have addressed this by creating designs incorporating encouraging slogans.

Jason Wu has been at the forefront of the continuation of the designer t-shirt trend. Supporting the feminist movement, the designer’s Fall 2017 catwalk was incredibly empowering. Messages that adorned the catwalk included “ The Future is Female” and “Aint No Wifey”.


Jason Wu – Fall 2017 – Pinterest

The statement slogan sits stylishly alongside the new female power dressing trend. Dorothee Schumacher’s statement t-shirts are the perfect accompaniment to dress with an on trend red tailored suit. ‘The Support The Girls” political power dressing statement is ideal for the smart-casual office to encourage without demanding support.

4slogan copy

Dorothee Schumacher – Fall 2017 

Similarly Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2018 collection dressed powerful political statements on slouchy t-shirts and styled them with satin tailored trousers. Sometimes we just need reminding of our values: the designer’s finale featured the show stopping slogan “Nevertheless She Persisted”. Persistence is key ladies with whatever it maybe!


Prabal Gurung – Fall 2017 – Pintrest

Jeremy Scott took a different stance by dressing not their models, but their backstage staff in t-shirts showing the message: Our Voices Will Protect Us”.

Mary-Kate and Ashley took a much more subtle approach to express an encouraging message through The Row fall 2018 collection. Communicating on the cuff was key here. Fingertip length sleeves were delicately decorated with embroidered black typography like hand writing on paper. ‘hope’ hinted at how the female that was once seen as delicate and decorative can one day be seen for the powerful and remarkable individuals they are. This is a perfect for those with Harper’s minimalist style. Why not get creative: invest in a classic white shirt and embroider your own words of encouragement!


The Row – Fall 2017

In contrast Ashish delivered their slogans loud and proud on their weird and wonderful Wizard of Oz meets Day of the Dead catwalk. The extreme dream show was incredibly up-beat and encouraging: “Don’t give up the day dream” was printed boldly onto a glittery, bright striped t-shirt. The yellow, green, orange and white striped top has been styled with rainbow striped trousers. Head to toe in glitter and colour no statement could be suggested more optimistically. We think this style would be perfect for Blake. Why not dress a slogan top with a colourful patterned skirt or trousers to add some sunshine to your style? Alternatively, patterned tights a key accessory trend this fall so  use them attract attention to your slogan shirt.  


Ashish – Fall 2017 – Vogue

Featured Image: Versace Fall 2017 – Vogue 

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