Spring 2018 Trend: Weightless Lace

The semi-sheer style continues into the new year with a perfect feminine, fresh delicacy for the spring season. Weightless lace was a particularly prominent trend on the spring/summer 2018 catwalks, creating an almost fluid feel to the shows that featured the fragile fabric.


Alexander McQueen – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue


Alexander McQueen highlighted the beautiful delicacy of the spring/summer trend with their lingerie-inspired designs. Cutwork, ruffles and embellishment are all ways in which fashion houses have adapted the fabric, and fabric manipulation that have collectively been used in the McQueen catwalk, emphasising the romantic feel.


Alexander McQueen – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue


Minimalists relax, this, all-be-it detailed trend IS for you! Spring silhouettes stick to simple styles, highlighting the textural detail. Shift and slip dresses stand out as key items, whilst draped and bias-cut floaty garments also dominate in various textile trends this season. The mac is back in a big way and nothing screams flirtatious and feminine like a lace dress playfully peaking from the hem of a lightweight raincoat. Layering looks is a must for the semi-sheer style that refuses to diffuse. This can be done beautifully subtly like Loewe has, with loose trousers over an extra long cardigan top in exactly the same fabric. Lace is an incredibly diverse fabric so DO NOT be afraid to dress with a contrasting textures. Like Loewe, a button stand in leather can be the perfect frame for a look: to break up or bring together the outfit and dress with accessories.


Loewe – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue 


The seasonal pastel pallet has returned for spring/ summer 2018, and although you may be far too full from the festive season to think of icecream in the cold fresh air of the new year, geleto is the main tonal trend for season. A key example of this is Ryan Lo who has used off white and lilac hues in his all bridal inspired show to create a magical, dream-like, fashion fantasy.


Ryan Lo – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue


Whilst an obviously Harper style in colour and silhouette, there are many elements of this trend that allows the bold, creative Blake to make lace her own this season. Heritage brand, Channel styled the intricately crafted material in a modern eclectic way, with transparent boots and boater hats, whilst Mary Katrantzou enlarged the detailed designs adding her 1980s spin with a puff ball skirt silhouette. What is fashion if not weird and wonderful?! Saint Laurent continues the amazingly crazy, creative, collaborations of styles by pairing lace cycling shorts with nothing other than ballgowns of course!


Saint Laurent – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue


New lace effects have updated designs through the use of embroidery, patterned mesh and lazer cutting. Raised surfaces, applique and beading have proved particularly popular. Delicate floral chantilly, guipure and cotton florals allow designers to create a mixture of weights and textures that can add a new dimension to a lace garment. So make lace your own this season, dip back into your wardrobe for old lace garments; layer with whatever sheer or embellished fabrics you can find; bring it all together with accessories and voila, you have your spring/summer catwalk look!


No. 21 – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue


Article Written By: Jessica Lewis 


Featured Image: Miu Miu – S/S 2018 RTW – Vogue 

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