Weightless Lace – The Street-style Edit

Weightless lace is set to be a strong trend for Spring/Summer 2018. The top brands made it clear lace isn’t going anywhere. Most of us already have a few lace items in our wardrobe, so go grab yours and prepare to restyle them!

Weightless lace is set to be a strong trend for Spring/Summer 2018. The top brands made it clear lace isn’t going anywhere. Most of us already have a few lace items in our wardrobe, so go grab yours and prepare to restyle them!

Wearing an all-black number, we see a lady walking down a rainy street with a black skirt which peeps a black lace detail through the slits of the garment. On top, she opted for a simple black shirt and for shoes, a classic black pump.

Street Style – Pinterest – 2014

If you are looking to spice up an ordinary skirt, lace is a great option. A small touch will transform your outfit instantaneously! Always choose a lace layer the same colour as your skirt. If you’re feeling creative, add a panel of lace into a side slot of a skirt. Alternatively layering a tulle skirt over a body-con skirt can create a great textural look. We advise to experiment with layering different lengths garments for a great street-style outfit.


Posing in front of the camera, the fashion blogger is wearing multiple layers: a white shirt with a weightless black lace cami on top, for contrast, paired with a millennial pink teddy bear coat. On the bottom half, she opted for a light wash denim jean and a black bag.

Street Style – buro247.sg – 2017

Lacy camis are a must in everyone’s closet. Incredibly versatile: they work both over and under clothes, or if you’re feeling particularly risqué even by themselves. A great way to style the weightless lace trend is to pair the cami on top of a colour contrasting thin jumper. Another option is to grab an over-the-shoulder, oversized, thick jumper and wear the lacy cami underneath. The little peek of lace will add a modestly seductive yet on trend element to the look. This style is perfect for a dinner date, or simply if you want to give your outfit a twist.


Rihanna is wearing a romantic lace monochrome outfit: pink lace dress underneath a long lace pink cardigan, teamed with a pink heel number. To finish off the outfit, the singer added a diamante neckless.

Street Style – celebstills.com – Rihanna – 2016

Lace cardigans are a key piece for the weightless trend. This stunning blush-pink piece worn by Rihanna is the perfect representation of spring/summer outerwear for 2018. Lace cardigans are ideal for both day and night, ensuring you will get a lot of wear out of the delicate piece. If you are a minimalist, why not dress head to toe in monochrome items and off finish the look with a textured cardigan?


Pocking a pink lace dress, the model opted for a bolder look by adding a leather jacket on top of such a delicate garment. We can also see a small shoulder bag being used and a small heeled black shoe.

Street Style –Pinterest – 2017

If none of the ideas above are for you, we are sure a dress will make the cut. Lace dresses are so beautifully romantic and feminine that they almost guarantees wearing them will make you feel good. Lace often holds connotations for many to prom and wedding dresses, but actually the fabric can easily be styled down for an everyday base. One way to wear this dress in the day is with flat shoes and perhaps a leather jacket. For an evening occasion, dress with some suede black pumps and a faux fur coat for a stylish textural look.


This outfit may be risky, but it’s a good risk. The model is wearing a sheer white lace with a denim skirt. The white lace stands out in contrast with the girl’s skin colour. She opted for a red oversized bomber jacker to give the outfit a pop of colour.

Street Style – DailyMail – 2016

Sheer lace tops have been in fashion on and off for a few years now. They’re a great wardrobe staple for all of us to refer to as and when required. A lace top like this is so versatile and can be style in so many ways. If you are bold enough, you can wear it with nothing underneath! Yes, you read it right. Bare it all! If this is not your style, you can opt to add a cami top underneath. Be sure to choose a colour that contrasts with the lace details. Or why not style the cami top on top of a high neck, long-sleeved lace garment?


Article Written By: Ana Rita Xavier

Featured Image: Street Style – Pinterest – 2017



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