The 90s Are Back

The 1990s was a very confusing time for fashion. We were either wearing all the trends at once or nothing at all. Baggy clothes were in style at the time: but so were tiny and tight garments. We all swore not to go back to the nineties, but it is coming back to us- big style. Denim, silk and leather were some of the key fabrics during this time period. Harper and Blake have gathered a few trends identified from our 1990s wardrobe that are back in style for 2018.


Drew Barrymore – Street Style – Pinterest – 1990


Crop tops have come back with a bang! We have been wearing these for a while, but now they are becoming more cropped and revealing then ever before: catwalks and street style have seen models wearing crop tops that barely cover anything. A good high waisted jean is the ideal garment to pair the crop top with. Back in the nineties, crop tops were all the rage. They were worn with low-rise jeans, skirts, short, anything really. Lately, we have seen a come back of the backless crop top that was made famous two decades ago by Paris Hilton during her red carpets appearances. This season lace is the dominant fabric for the crop top. Long sleeves are not uncommon and the garment tends to be layered and dressed with a long skirt. Alternatively a graphic cropped t-shirt with your favourite pair of jeans is an ideal casual look for spring that can be dressed up with a blazer.


Bella Hadid – Street Style – – 2018


Denim skirts have always been an essential piece in everyone’s wardrobe since its debut in the early 1970s. During the nineties, this piece of clothing was worn to exhaustion. Skirts were worn low-rise, like everything else, and the denim always had a light wash finish. A key on-trend look of the period would consist of a low-rise denim skirt, with a crop top and a denim jacket on top. Denim on denim was a must back then and has been a controversial subject since. Midi length skirts are the specific style for the season … but don’t forget the spilt! A front split is a must for any skirt this spring. Why invest in red denim? Following on from Autumn Winter when the main colour was red, a red wash to any denim garment is particularly on trend right now.


Street Style – – 2017


In the nineties if we weren’t wearing denim skirts, we were wearing wide leg jeans. This is a trend our past skater selves all promised to leave, well in the past, but it has found its way back to us and we are kind of grateful. Wide leg jeans are the perfect casual and comfortable piece. During the nineties, the wide leg trend was worn low-rise; in contrast 2018’s style preference is high-waisted. Wear with a boyfriend fit shirt for the perfect cool, casual yet sophisticated look.


Street Style – Pinterest – 2017


Fishnet tights were a big statement during the nineties. They were worn in every single colour; the bigger clash with the rest of the outfit the better. This accessory made a come back during 2017 and it’s set to last throughout the New Year. Nowadays, fishnet tights are worn underneath ripped jeans, and shorts or even skirts and dresses. They are the perfect accessories to be styled up or down. The maximalist could dress them with patched and ripped jeans; a layered cropped top, patterned scarf and colourful trainers. If you aspire to reach a minimalist romantic style with fishnets, simply pair your fishnet tights with black or nude heels, clean shirt and midi skirt.


Street Style –Pinterest – 2017


Leather jackets are a no brainer: such a versatile piece and yet stylish. They’ve been a trendy piece for decades, but leather biker jackets were the outerwear of 1990s. Celebrities were even wearing them to red carpet events! Fast-forwarding to 2018, leather jackets are worn on top of a simple outfit for a bold touch. They come in every colour and fabric, perfect for any occasion.


Street Style – – 2016


Chunky platform shoes are coming back into to style as well. During the nineties we saw our favourite girl band, the Spice Girls, rocking this statement footwear with every outfit. However, back then platform shoes weren’t that easy to style. Lately, we’ve seen a growth of designers launching platform shoes which are suited for an everyday-wear: perfect for all the short ladies but still very stylish and on trend and so much more practical than a stiletto!


Street Style – – 2016


Article Written By: Ana Rita Xavier 

Featured Image: Street Style – Pinterest – 2018 


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