Leather, Metallics and Liquid Surfaces

Leather, Metallics and Liquid Surfaces: sounds like an autumn/ winter fabrication round up right? Wrong. Spring/Summer 2018 is all about glossy coatings, shine and fluid nappa.

Liquid Surfaces 

The wet look is back and is here to stay for at least the next two seasons. Spring/ Summer is all about the glossy, high-shine look particularly when it comes to outerwear. The mass use of PU coatings, suggests a modern view of femininity, perhaps indicating towards the false realities social media can create along with the insecurities that comes with it. That plastic cellophane appearance is key: the shine of glossy and patent leathers create a luxury appeal, whilst the varnished sheen of commercial coloured synthetics has a more casual, futuristic sportswear style.

Prada used PU synthetic material in the standard way, sending spottted macs down the catwalk. But obviously, Prada approaches things in a far from standard style: the polka-dot pattern is sophisticatedly subtle with a black on black colourway, contrasting with classic white detailing. The PU coating gives a luxurious look, especially in monochrome. puprada

Prada – Spring Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Vogue 


The Fenty X Puma collection by Rihanna was nothing less than cool: the sportswear vibe crossed with PU sheen and industrial workwear straps further added the street style seductiveness of the range. Red remains a key colour this season and the colour combined with shine cannot be anything but stylishly sexy.pupumer.jpg

Fenty Puma by Rihanna – Spring/ Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Vogue 


Metallic Textures 

The new take on femininity continues into the use of metallics this season with sportswear cuts being juxtaposed with the fairytale shimmer. A sparkle is added to lurex infused plains, soft pleats and crinkles. Of course, sequins have been used in mass on the catwalk to add to that magical feel. Dressed head to toe in luminous surfaces is the best way to be stylish this season whether you are attending a party or otherwise! Wrinkled crepes with pearlescent coatings and subtle metallics help make this trend much more wearable.

Prada adopted metallics in mass this spring/ summer. This long dress in the glittering material is fit for a ball, but the simplistic maxi cut can mean it is wearable in the day also. puaferreti

Alberta Ferreti – Spring/ Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Pinterest


John Galliano was a designer which teamed opulent, glistening, metallic materials with sportswear cuts to create marvellously modern, even futuristically feminine looks. pujohng

John Galliano – Spring/ Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Now Fashion 



Subtle Leather 

Although, as mentioned above, glossy and patent leathers feature in fashion this season, the most on style way to wear leather has a much more subtle approach. Matte is the chosen finish for leather this spring/summer, making it more casual and wearable for the everyday outfit.  The fluidity of nappa leather allows feminine silhouettes to remain soft in appearance. The fabric allows for loose draping and moulding making casualwear more desirable. Again sportswear has a big influence on this trend, giving it a youthful feel. The subtle leather look is best-styled head to toe in soft nappa.


Fendi – Spring/ Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Vogue 

Fendi used natural nappa leather throughout their Spring/ summer 2018 collection.  Beautifully finished seam lines and clean cuts were exceptionally aesthetically appealing and minimalistic.  In contrast, their caped matte leather dresses with feminine artwork worked wonderfully on the catwalk and we love the amazing opportunities this opens up to creatives to personalise their own leather pieces.


Fendi – Spring/ Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Shilpaahuja.com


Article Written By: Jessica Lewis 

Featured Image: Valentino- Spring Summer 2018 – Ready-to-wear – Vogue 



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