Street Style: Leather, Metallics and Liquid Surfaces

Following on from our previous post: the introduction and catwalk edit of the Leather, Metallics and Liquid Surfaces trend, here we look at street style to help us help you wear some of the most tricky fabrics in fashion.


Metallics are a must this season but are difficult to wear for the every day without looking like you have just come from a night out.


Street Style – Loewe Metallic Midi Dress – Style Du Monde 

This metallic midi dress by Loewe is perfect for the coming season. The pale green and long fluid length of the dress teamed with flared trousers adds extra femininity to the otherwise space-age fabric. Furthermore, the iridescent finish draws out the magical influences of the trend. Pleats work well with this fabric for spring/summer, in addition, the stand collar and straight cut sleeves emphasise the texture of the pleats by juxtaposition. A large, bold black belt worn around the waist allows the feminine form to be hinted at under the loose-fitting garments and brings out the other colours of the opalescent material.



Street Style – New York Fashion Week – Spring 2017 – Style Sprinter 

This look indicates a great way to dress down the glistening fabric. A dark, matte,  oversized top, jumper, or even long coat over a metallic skirt can take make metallic more subtle. By just having part of the shiny item peaking from the hem of a heavy main garment it draws in the eye. This style works best when the half hidden garment uses a pop colour. This lady has drawn the outfit in together perfectly by accessorising with a bag that uses colours both from the textured, plain, A-line top and metallic skirt. On top of this, glitter sandals add emphasis to the trend that the wearer is paying patronage to, and again the black socks highlight the pink footwear, whilst drawing the outfit together through colour.



Street Style – Style Sprinter 

This pair knows how to wear metallics for the everyday occasion. Although their outfits altogether adopt a maximalist approach to fashion, the metallic items can easily be dressed with plainer pieces to be the focal point of a clean, minimalist look. Metallic brogues have been around for a few seasons, so if you were clever enough to purchase them in the past, pull them out now! Silver or gold metallic shoes are particularly perfect to wear as part of most outfits: just treat them as grey or brown footwear – but with an exciting twist! Crimped metallic fabrics are also fabulous for this season. Last summer’s stylish crimped culottess have seen a new lease of life in metallic colours. The optical illusion of the texture enables the trousers to look less party and more practical. This lady has partnered the bottoms with a unique croched top – also very on trend for this season.



Street Style – New York Fashion Week –  Fall 2013 – Teen Vogue 

Not too dissimilar from the brogues above, these metallic creepers can really make an outfit this spring/ summer (, and if we have any more freak snow storms like last week the extra height will help keep our toes toasty). Dressed down by a natural crumpled skirt and a tan wool coat, the metallic accessories of the outfit add a little bit of originality to an everyday outfit. The bag seems more subtle when in a textured leather, especially cut in a simple, sports bag style.




Street Style – Style Sprinter 

Nappa leather is a timeless fabric: forever fashionable. Here a leather mini and clutch are dressed down with a basic black top. Yellow and orange are key colours for the season, so leathers in these colours is ticking two trends with one garment. We love how the coloured leather is understated by the bright embroidered boots in a truly Blake, maximalist manner.



Street Style – The Fashion Cuisine 

This look is timeless. Here the soft nappa leather is worn in a super classic way. Vintage or modern, even we cannot tell which this outfit is (- always a bonus)!



Street Style – Paris Fashion Week – Spring/ Summer 2016 – H&M

Greatly in need of a new leather jacket, I am so happy this trend is set for spring!  Right now is all about personalisation and embellishment, so either invest in an already embellished leather item or get creative and add your own touch to an everyday outfit.



Street Style – Paris Fashion Week – Chloe  – Vogue 

Leather is best when teamed with… more leather! We are loving the combination of different textured leathers in this look. Red remains a key colour for spring/ summer 2018 so a seductive red skirt is a perfect purchase. The patterned crop top in the above look adds a subtle sixties style reference through its monotone colouring, and really draws the look together along with the black boots that have red and white stitch lines embellished up the length of the leg.


Liquid Surfaces


Street Style – Pinterest 

PVC is back in force and when better to wear it than in the spring/ summer showers. Here the stylish wearer has accessorised the plastic mac with snakeskin shoes, a fur bag and crystal earrings, not only emphasising the textural look but creating an outfit perfect for the cosy couture trend set for fall.



Street Style – Autumn/ Winter 2018 – Refinery 29 

Prepare to see PU skirts everywhere this season. Dress down with the appropriate everyday outerwear and a basic top like the above look. Socks and sandals are perfect footwear to go with a short shirt this season, as long as the temperature permits!



Street Style – Pop Sugar 

Of course, we cannot not mention liquid surfaces without showing some patent. In this case the sheen of the satin jacket almost normalises the glistening texture. Black patent is perfect to be dressed up or down. The outfit above is the perfect example of how to dress down patent through wearing basics in a similar colour and another item in a pop colour. The pop colour garment will help share the attention of the eye whilst breaking up the outfit. Furthermore, the adopting a vintage style when wearing this synthetic fabric will help show the wearer your fashion knowledge.

Article Written By: Jessica Lewis 

Featured Image: Street Style – Where to get it















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