Milan Fashion Week A/W18: Street Style

By the time Milan fashion week comes around, there is no excuse for showgoers not to be a season ahead in their attendee outfits. New York set the benchmark; and London showed us the weird and wonderful; so then it was up to Milan, known for its renaissance and understated cool style, to take trends and street styles from the... Continue Reading →


A Fashionable Trip to London

Fashion week may be over for another season but its inspirational collections and influential moments will inspire us plenty in the meantime. London is a fashion capital for a reason, whether you are a local looking for new popular places to pop, or an outsider looking for a fashionable and fun weekend away we have... Continue Reading →

Scandi Street Style at AW18 Fashion Week

Scandinavia's key fashion weeks - namely Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm - may not be famed for attracting the heavyweight brands that the 'Big 4' (London, New York, Paris, Milan) bring in, but they are legendary for the stunning street style looks they seem to generate year on year. And any fashionista who knows their Valentino... Continue Reading →

Quebec Winter Carnival

In the bleak midwinter, Canada can be a very uninviting place. Quebec, Canada’s largest province, is no exception: temperatures regularly fall below -20 degrees celsius. But for those intrepid adventurers willing to brave the inclement conditions, there is conviviality to be had in the cold. Midwinter merrymakers can make their merry way to Quebec’s Winter... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of Sundance?

The Sundance film festival is a celebration of new film and talent world wide. The event is, unsurprisingly, hosted by the Sundance Institute, a non profit organisation that : “provides and preserves the space for artists in film, theatre, film composing and digital media to create and thrive”- Sundance Institute.   The initial actions of... Continue Reading →

Spring 2018 Trend: Weightless Lace

The semi-sheer style continues into the new year with a perfect feminine, fresh delicacy for the spring season. Weightless lace was a particularly prominent trend on the spring/summer 2018 catwalks, creating an almost fluid feel to the shows that featured the fragile fabric. Alexander McQueen - S/S 2018 RTW - Vogue   Alexander McQueen highlighted... Continue Reading →

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