Check It Out: Where To Shop 2018’s Checks Trend

The past few months have been prime time for patterns. First gingham had a moment of glory at the onset of Autumn, then florals enjoyed an unlikely surge in popularity when Winter settled in. It is checks, though - from startling tartan to plain old plaid - that have dominated the resort collections, and that... Continue Reading →


The Check Trend – The Street Style Edit

February is here which means one more month until Spring 2018 officially starts! Spring is stereotypically the time of year when we decide to clear out our wardrobe: dispose of those pieces you know you won’t wear again, and start looking for new acquisitions. But wait! Don’t take your check print pieces to the charity... Continue Reading →

The 90s Are Back

The 1990s was a very confusing time for fashion. We were either wearing all the trends at once or nothing at all. Baggy clothes were in style at the time: but so were tiny and tight garments. We all swore not to go back to the nineties, but it is coming back to us- big... Continue Reading →

Quebec Winter Carnival

In the bleak midwinter, Canada can be a very uninviting place. Quebec, Canada’s largest province, is no exception: temperatures regularly fall below -20 degrees celsius. But for those intrepid adventurers willing to brave the inclement conditions, there is conviviality to be had in the cold. Midwinter merrymakers can make their merry way to Quebec’s Winter... Continue Reading →

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