Hello New York Fashion Week

At a time when the fashion calendar is in complete chaos, it is hard for even those in the industry to keep track of who is showing what collection and when. Acne is just one of many brands who have chosen to rebel against the regular regime, combining their pre-season and Autumn/ Winter 2018 collections... Continue Reading →

5 Winter Accessories on Trend

Welcome to 2018! A new year to play with fashion: 365 new opportunities to shine with your Harper & Blake style. The holidays are over. No more Christmas jumpers or season themed parties. What do I wear now? – you may be asking yourself… We have gathered five winter accessories trends from the runway to... Continue Reading →

Women to Watch in 2018

2017 was a mixed bag of a year for womankind. On the one hand, various high-profile scandals revealed the seriously troubling extent of abuse in the film and music industries, and stressed how the gender pay gap is still a thing that exists. On the other, the response to these issues has been both heart-warming... Continue Reading →

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